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oh i'm name's kate...i'm 16 and stuff

a couple years ago...i think 3 i was laying on my bunk bed trying to sleep...trying to think..trying to breath (i have trouble breathing at night).
i lived in an apartment complex and the street lights outside of our building make it seem like day even late into the night.
well, anyway...i got a weird feeling so i moved onto the floor...i lie there flat on my back...(i'm kind of an odd person...but i swear this is the truth)
my room seemed kinda smoke or was really thick...
i was staring out the window and the street lights go out.
i lay still...i am so scared of the dark.
i try to get up to turn on my light but i cna't move...maybe i was too scared or something...
i look at my's 1am
so i just lie there and look at the stars...i watch this one star for like...fuck i don't know how long...maybe 15 min...and it was a star...not moving or anything...i don't think...
all of a sudden the star blinks off then on then off again.
i wake up on the floor in the living room...
the clock say's its 4am...
the street lights are back on and my ears are buzzing like mad.
i sit up and my ear starts like screeching or something...just really high pitched...i go back to bed.
ever since that night i had really bad ear aches...and i used to be really into aliens so i was convinced i was abducted and they had put something in my ear.
so i had constant buzzing and stuff...and i realized if you pressed right behind my ear you could feel something and could move it around... i had my mom look behind my ear and a couple of friends i had a T shped scar...
about a year later i was staying at my friend Kayla's cabin in the woods...we were talking about ufos and stuff and i told them about my ear we just laughed and went on to talk about other stuff...
then my palms started iching like mad and my ears started buzzing so loud i couldn't hear anything. i went in the bathroom to throw up in the sink...i ended up hitting my head on the sink and passing out for about 5 min...i woke up and my friends were standing over ears weren't buzzing and i felt fine.
i haven't had prohblems since...
i had forgotten about this until i was going through my old stuff journals/books/and such.
do you think aliens?
or maybe just stupid ear problems?
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o jeez that is weird. if everything happened like you said, that is just creepy. course you could blame the wakin up in living room on say, sleep walkin or somethin, but the scar behind ur ear? tho i got a question: why would aliens be interested in you. lol. i don't mean it like mean, but why would they be interested in any of us particularly.
i don't know...
my mom and dad have both had multiple "ufo" sightings.
they don't talk about it alot because people would think they were dad's a highschool teacher and my mom has her phd in psychology.
but yeah...
i don't know
that would have been really awesome if it were true, but still it is hard to believe. o me of little faith.
They have to choose someone dont they, to carry out their examinations...some people must just fit the criteria that they a looking for better than the rest of us.
any reason why they would want to carry out examinations??? if i was an alien i would just take a good look at the state of the planet and say ditch it. blow it up. its contaminating the universe.
well, obviously I can only guess but why does anyone want to carry out examinations? To find things out. But yeah, I agree with you as to why they wold want to know anything about the earth, the way we treat it!! But ey, there lands might be just as contaminated if not more and they may be looking for a place to settle!!
good luck to them. as long as they dont start killing us off im fine with it. bit of cultural diffusion no? maybe theyll be able to set us on the right track. ya never know.
Maybe they will be able to stop all the wars going on and the mindless killings like the ones going on in Iraq aas we speak, dont hold your breath though...
nah dont worry. if i did there would just be one less nice person in the world, namely me. haha. and we cant afford that now can we. :P
Ofcourse not lol
Your story sounds very similar to my boyfriends story..