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this best be something real; no jokes. =)

hello hello..
this story is 100% true
and 100% non ficton!
you best listen up please
&thank you. enjoy:


i was about six or seven.
i was sleeping in my room
i was staring out the window
at the stars when i noticed
one sparkling brighter than the
others. it appeared to be moving.
[whoa im gettin chills]
so i kept watching it.
it got closer and closer.
i couldnt stop staring at it.
it got bigger and brighter
until it lit up my entire room.
i got so scared i jumped under
my bed and hid on the floor.
i looked at the clock and it was
1:25 [mad fuckin chills now] =S
the light was shining into my room
almost a blinding light.
i shut my eyes so i wouldnt go blind.
when i opened them i was sitting in my living
room under a cofee table. i sat up
and crawled out. the clock said 4:57.
i ran into my mothers room and slept
in her bed that night. the next day
i noticed a bump beind
my ear that wasnt there before.
but i thought nothing of it..
a few weeks later i was telling my
best friend the story when suddenly
there was a ringing in my ears.
i grabbed onto my ears. thinking
it was coming from a tv or something
in her house. but she didnt move
she just looked at me all confused.
the ringing got louder and louder
until.. POP. it felt like i was deaf
i couldnt hear anything. i was laying
on the ground of her bedroom sweating
and gasping for air. she was standing
over top of me yelling something
but i couldnt hear. i started to fall
asleep when suddenly i sat back up and
everything was normal. it was 5 minutes
before i started to tell her the story.
the ringing in my ear was gone.
i put my hand behind my ear to check
for the bump and it was gone.
i started crying and ran home..
i havnt told anyone the story
before. im guessing it was aliens.
&ever since then. i have believed in
them. i read up about them& study
them all the time. [still scared]
the end. whoa. thank you for your
time. please dont think im insane. =S

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