<'))))>< (erucader) wrote in alienprobe,

probes explained

2 years ago I spent the summer at my cottage with my cousin. After watching the movie Signs we realized the aliens were coming for us, so one night we decided to camp out in the living room and wait for them. Although we never saw them personally, the whole night was filled with strange noises and occurences. The dogs went completely nuts, running into things and even eating random articles of clothing. Over the weeks we tried repeatedly to catch them on film but somehow they managed to evade us every time.
Late one night however, we heard a strange and frightening *TING* noise. After some some hushed debate we realized what they were here for. The aliens, being an incredibly advanced species, long ago abandoned their cell-based lifeforms in favour of much more durable metal skeletons. This had one major drawback; with both genders assuming metallic forms intercourse because most unpleasant, and was accompanied by intense ting-ting-ting sounds. Of course - they aren't here to probe and test us, they simply want to make love to our soft juicy flesh!!!
Unfortunately we never did manage to capture one. The closest encounter was when my cousin claimed to see a miniature being running from his bed in his sleep, but the two other people in the room saw nothing. If they were really there or not, I suppose I'll never know.
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