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oh i'm name's kate...i'm 16 and stuff

a couple years ago...i think 3 i was laying on my bunk bed trying to sleep...trying to think..trying to breath (i have trouble breathing at night).
i lived in an apartment complex and the street lights outside of our building make it seem like day even late into the night.
well, anyway...i got a weird feeling so i moved onto the floor...i lie there flat on my back...(i'm kind of an odd person...but i swear this is the truth)
my room seemed kinda smoke or was really thick...
i was staring out the window and the street lights go out.
i lay still...i am so scared of the dark.
i try to get up to turn on my light but i cna't move...maybe i was too scared or something...
i look at my's 1am
so i just lie there and look at the stars...i watch this one star for like...fuck i don't know how long...maybe 15 min...and it was a star...not moving or anything...i don't think...
all of a sudden the star blinks off then on then off again.
i wake up on the floor in the living room...
the clock say's its 4am...
the street lights are back on and my ears are buzzing like mad.
i sit up and my ear starts like screeching or something...just really high pitched...i go back to bed.
ever since that night i had really bad ear aches...and i used to be really into aliens so i was convinced i was abducted and they had put something in my ear.
so i had constant buzzing and stuff...and i realized if you pressed right behind my ear you could feel something and could move it around... i had my mom look behind my ear and a couple of friends i had a T shped scar...
about a year later i was staying at my friend Kayla's cabin in the woods...we were talking about ufos and stuff and i told them about my ear we just laughed and went on to talk about other stuff...
then my palms started iching like mad and my ears started buzzing so loud i couldn't hear anything. i went in the bathroom to throw up in the sink...i ended up hitting my head on the sink and passing out for about 5 min...i woke up and my friends were standing over ears weren't buzzing and i felt fine.
i haven't had prohblems since...
i had forgotten about this until i was going through my old stuff journals/books/and such.
do you think aliens?
or maybe just stupid ear problems?
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